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Slactions 2009 – journals supporting

[Please, take this post as an update of the previous]

These are the journals currently supporting SLACTIONS:

Computer & Graphics (ISSN 0097-8493, SCI)
* Best paper on computer graphics – invitation to submit expanded version.

International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning (ISSN 1753-5255)
* Special issue with expanded versions of selected papers on education.

Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research (ISSN 0718–1876)
* Selected papers on e-commerce and e-business.

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research (ISSN 1941-8477)
* Special issue: “The Metaverse Assembled”, with best papers on combination of metaverse platforms with external systems, integration of platforms, GIS/metaverse mash-ups, and using metaverse platforms for cooperation.

VIRTual (ISSN 0873-1837)
* Special issue with expanded versions of selected papers on visualization, interactive systems and pattern recognition.

Wowo! No one can loose this opportunity!

(Nota de redacção: queria deixar os links para os URL’s de cada revista, mas estou com a ligação à net tão lenta que nunca mais daqui saio! Façam as vossas buscas. Os nomes estão dados. Se quiserem ajudar, deixem os links em comentário).

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