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Slactions 2009 – journals supporting

[Please, take this post as an update of the previous]

These are the journals currently supporting SLACTIONS:

Computer & Graphics (ISSN 0097-8493, SCI)
* Best paper on computer graphics – invitation to submit expanded version.

International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning (ISSN 1753-5255)
* Special issue with expanded versions of selected papers on education.

Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research (ISSN 0718–1876)
* Selected papers on e-commerce and e-business.

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research (ISSN 1941-8477)
* Special issue: “The Metaverse Assembled”, with best papers on combination of metaverse platforms with external systems, integration of platforms, GIS/metaverse mash-ups, and using metaverse platforms for cooperation.

VIRTual (ISSN 0873-1837)
* Special issue with expanded versions of selected papers on visualization, interactive systems and pattern recognition.

Wowo! No one can loose this opportunity!

(Nota de redacção: queria deixar os links para os URL’s de cada revista, mas estou com a ligação à net tão lenta que nunca mais daqui saio! Façam as vossas buscas. Os nomes estão dados. Se quiserem ajudar, deixem os links em comentário).

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A journal dedicated to virtual worlds research


To all of you who are doing some kind of research related to virtual worlds, it is worthwhile to consult this Journal times to times. The first volume and number appeared in July 2008, so it is a very new one.

Can this be an indicator that a community of interest has emerged and it is growing, leading us to a research area well-defined?

(P.S. Thanks Katuki – see his comment on “Congressos para 2009” post! Thanks Leonel!)

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